Safe haven animal rescue 

Safe haven animal rescue is a small family run rescue that will do everything in our power to help any neglected, abandoned or in need animal. We started with larger animals such as horses but now venture out to chickens, cats, dogs,pigs and even the occasional tranatular... if it needs our help and we can provide that no matter what the animal we will try our best.

Teaser's story

Teaser came to us with 16 other cats and kittens from a feral Connolly fighting the harsh streets of the east end left abandoned in a property. Over several weeks of extreme dedication and hard work we managed to relocate and seek medical treatment for all 17 cats. Teaser came to us with a severe bacterial infection (others had this too) she was treated for this and had flea and worm treatment applied. When under sedation for her spaying we discovered that she was heavily pregnant. Unfortunately due to her tough pregnancy 1 kitten was born dead and the other 3 died within 24 hours since birth. 3 months later she is spayed, safe and happy relaxing at the rescue. 

A few of our stories💝

Spider, peace and stephen
Spider, peace and stephen

Stephen peace and spider 

Our three boys that came to us separately all at very young ages due to being boys and unwanted. They all have different backgrounds from being abused, I'll and not the right height/ colour.